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Beginning ZY Qigong in Duvall – 4 week series starting March 2nd

Steeped in Shamanic, Taoist and Buddhist practices, Zhong Yuan Qigong is an ancient meditative lineage with practitioners all over the world. It is a powerful self-transformation tool that can be used to improve any aspect of life from physical health to emotional wellbeing, and for those who seek spiritual growth ZY Qigong presents a path to total realization.

During this 4 weeks fundamentals class you will get an overview of basic Qigong theory and learn foundational Qigong exercises with the focus on:

  • Balancing Qi energy in your body and getting rid of energy blockages
  • Receiving Qi energy from the outside and increasing your energy level
  • Relaxing your body and entering into a meditative state

The healing benefits of Qigong include stress reduction and pain relief, boosted immunity and vitality, blood pressure balancing, improved sleep patterns. Qigong practice also helps develop your finer senses, providing a way for deeper exploration of your inner world – and the bigger world outside.

Everyone welcome, no experience necessary!

When: Every Friday from March 2nd to March 23rd, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Where: Studio Beju in downtown Duvall (15630 Main St NE, Duvall, WA 98019)

Cost: $80, pre-registration required will full payment.

You can register and pay online via the following link: 

Looking forward to practicing with you! 



Qigong classes on demand

Gather 5 or more of your friends to schedule a Qigong class tailored to your needs at a time convenient for you. Skype lessons also available.

Contact Ekaterina for more information or to schedule a class at


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